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Dive in!

They told her to try,
She knew it better,
But still tested her nerves,
May be solace could come in handy.

She had done it before,
The results no different,
Something always seemed misfit,
But she was not a weakling.

“Baby, could you dive in”,
The pit so deep in.
Tired of herself,
People thought she was pushover.

“Anything for you, love”,
She said and dived in.
The onlookers throttled,
Anxiety was far from her.

Never knew who she was.
A brave heart or a torn one.
But rattled were they who had
Tormented her. Bullied her.

But the warrior was determined,
World’s no haven, she agreed
Finally. And life thought so too
Time she donned a mask.  


  1. I think a heart can sometimes be both brave and torn.
    Beautiful work!

    1. Yes but few don't realise it ! Glad you liked it Lily :)

  2. Beautiful Poem.

    I understand about "The Mask."

  3. No she is better without a mask. nice read.

    1. Sometimes I feel masks save you ... ! It takes huge amount of courage to unmask and huge amount of despair when you decide to mask yourself.
      So glad you liked it Kalpana :)

  4. This is beautiful, but sad. The world can be an unkind place sometimes.

  5. There are so many masks that each of us wear.

    I liked this a lot.

    1. And I liked that you liked it a lot ... ! Thanks a lot yarnspinner :)
      I wonder if there is anyone bereft of a mask. It's such a shame !

  6. Here's hoping the mask comes off again some day!
    I also think brave and torn. Nice symmetry.

    1. Ohh don't I have the same hope ... ! Its real difficult to lead a maskless life even when you have the courage to do so .. ! Thanks for stopping by Kymm :)

  7. This is awesome work but are you sure you've used the correct definition? Trifecta accepts only the third definition of a given word (unless otherwise noted). It sounds like here that you may have used definition 2. It would be unfortunate if you'd be disqualified from possibly winning due to a technicality.

    1. Aw ... now that's a disappointment Draug ... I leave it to you guys to decide ! Still I am glad you liked it ... :)

  8. Great work, even if it isn't the third definition. Powerful!

    1. Thanks TMW nevertheless... ! Phew ... a disappointment !

  9. Sad but strong. The image is the perfect fit for your story. Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thank you for acknowledging the picture ... I like it very much ! :)


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