Saturday, January 18, 2020

Lone soul

Walking across the dense
I often turn around
To look for a soul
Who might be around.

I often tumble and
Bruise too often.
The mate could wait up
Just check up on my pain.

Some cheeky words of care
Would sound in wilderness,
The energy could melt the cold
And bring in some warmness.

This hope could bring out
The humans from the blubber.
Oh the morphs could finally
Rest once dug deep under.

A communion of souls
Of merriment and joy
What fun would that be
To face death like that, oy!

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Finding Neverland

To grow up never
To be whoever
To fly around
With no care.

A land so green
And things with sheen
With skies so azure
So much colour to glean.

I sit with my lovelies
Run and dive along gullies
Impish and carefree
May deserve some ear-curlies.

I never wanted to grow up,
Told my mother growing up.
Just people who are human
Hanging around cheering up.

Finding Neverland
Finding Neverland
I will find my
Neverland Neverland.


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

To friends of time

The sky was lit
And noise everywhere
Sort of felt I was finally in air.

The ground flickered sharp
Danced my feet away
Beat mustn't go un-danced anyway.

Looked at the swarm of souls
Some despondent and lost
Unsure of the bridges they have crossed.

But tonight is a new leaf.
Heaving the bleak across with its helve
They gear up and gather themselves.

Full of laughter full of energy.
I un-cross my legs to smash down
Lost but I see the touchdown.

                    Courtesy: Prabhakar Vats

Sunday, December 22, 2019


I want to be adrift this water
My back would touch the pearls of calm,
Nothing like the tip of knife.
My paranoia finally at rest, I sigh.

I want to be adrift this water.
May be the fishies gulp some air at me
And some may even jump yet
I would be at peace with their intent.

I want to float around in this water,
Because it would do its best
To not let me fall once it permits.
I won't fear the lifelessness when it hits.

I want to splash on in this water.
Gripping me from below the benthos.
I can kick I can turn
I can slide I can run.

I want to lie afloat this water,
The microscopic colonnade of the columns
For they will form me into a shape
Finally an identity I won't hate.

 Courtesy : Kathy

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The day I run

Today is the day I run,
I run I run I run so far,
To where no one can find me,
To where I can be alone.

Just tell me where's that and
The route map for the same.
I have too many things
Too much haste to find on my own.

Oh finally I would be alone.
I and my mind at peace together.
Rent from hustle of life,
To think or not to whether.

To end the dearth inside me
The daily struggle of
morning to night.
Puerile me at best and rest.

To not be ground
like a truant I am not
Resuscitate my half-breaths
before they die.

Hope once again is creeping
I am ready to go.
But assure me that Eden exists
What if I get lost again.

Oh boy! Voices in my head
Are once again soughing.
With the echolalia
I feel timidity taking over me.

They smirk and heckle
Harmony of I and my mind.
"At peace huh!" I feel a
Roll of eyes in my head inside.

Pawn of my mind
How can I rest I remind myself.
Sheared with the gangrene of mind.
I am immobile where it touches.

Help me move
Separate my demon from inside
Which scratches me from every side.
An organic whole, doomed to die.

I cannot move how do I run.
An organic whole how do I escape.
So I smile while I am scratched.
May be finally I could disappear.

Monday, December 16, 2019


I was ready to melt into you.
I had myself wrapped around you
My arms around your neck
But every condition you put up,
Broke my fall.
First at the elbow,
Then at my neck
My torso broke off then
And finally my waist.
So now I'm crooked.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

A laughter of melancholy

It is just how it is.
To accept what they say about me;
I can't defend myself
So they win unanimously.

Cheer me down they call me names
Tell me I deserved it,
For I had no sense.
No empathy, no compassion to no degree.

A tendon burst then a bone broke
Like that every muscle split
Yes it was all my doing,
And yes I deserved it.

Deserved it to trust the malevolents
Over the mountain of tenderness,
My own heart surrendering to the heathens.
What an imbecile I was!

I only have glut of emotions
Where I constantly beg to drown me out.
Which smoulders my lungs into paper
Turns into dust with mere touch.

Laughed at the fool I was,
Must be immortalized in museums.
Yet managed to save my last breath
The girl still can survive.